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    The decision about acceptance of a paper will be based on
    * Correctness (e.g. of proofs)
    * Completeness (e.g. of description of numerical experiments and citations, no obviously preliminary results)
    * Originality (= significant new idea not published before, no minor extension of existing work)
    * Presentation (well structured, clear notations, sufficient explanations and discussion)
    * Style (correct and good English)

    Shortcomings in any of these categories can lead to rejection.

    The authors are advised to consult some English language Editing service before submit the manuscript, although the publisher will polish the English language in the stage of galley proof for accepted papers.

    To speed up the refereeing and publication processes, all transactions and communications between the journal and the authors will be done electronically.

    * All manuscripts should be in the form of PDF files.
    * All manuscripts should be submitted online, see

    TeX File Preparation

    The template file will assist you in preparing the LaTeX version of your final document. Contact the journal's office at if you have any questions. The instructions and sample files can be found in

    Submission Policy and Copyright

    Submission of a manuscript implies that the paper is original and has not been submitted elsewhere.

    All authors will be required to sign a copyright transfer agreement in order for the article to be published. The signed Transfer of Copyright empowers the Publisher on behalf of the Author(s) to protect the Work and its image against any unauthorized use, and to properly authorize dissemination of the work. The Editors will supply the necessary forms for this transfer. Authors are responsible for obtaining permissions to reprint previously published figures, tables and other material.

    Copyright Transfer Statement(pdf)


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